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American Falconry is a magazine that is devoted entirely to the sport of falconry and is produced by practicing falconers. Each full color issue contains some of the best photography in the industry. American Falconry is published quarterly and is jam-packed with fascinating articles covering the latest techniques in training, captive breeding and dog handling. Additional articles contain humor, adventure, personal viewpoints, and information for both the expert and beginner. Well-known authors and a fine departmental writing staff have set a new standard for falconry publications.
American Falconry

November 9, 2023

It saddens me to announce that American Falconry magazine will cease publication with Volume 92. Continued publication is no longer sustainable due to more than ten years of relentlessly declining subscriber numbers. Volume 92 was mailed to subscribers April 15, 2024, and will be our final issue. We are no longer taking subscriptions, but will continue to sell back issues as long as supplies last. To purchase back issues, including Volume 92, click here.

Fear not, American Falconry will live on through our YouTube Channel. Check it out.

Steve Jones - Editor