Index of "sparrows as quarry" articles

 Imprint Accipiters and the Recipe  Mike McDermott  Vol. 2  14-28
 An All American Hawk for the Bush  Dave Moran  Vol. 2  34-44
 A Tale of Two "Cipies"  Larry Crowley  Vol. 5  30-31
 Ode to a Kestrel  Chris Coursen  Vol. 8  50-53
 A Window of Opportunity  Mike Maxcy  Vol. 10  52-56
 Hawking Quail and Sparrows with an Eyas Sharp-shinned Hawk  Tracy Dewitt & Jennifer Coulson  Vol. 13  20-26
Three Seasons and a Merlin Mike Maxcy  Vol. 20 28-33
The Suburban Passage Cooper's Hawk Paul Hofsommer  Vol. 26 30-34
The Tiercel Harris' Hawk Troy Moritz  Vol. 26 36-41
Sharpshin Hawks Michael McDermott Vol. 30 14-20
A Cast of Passage Merlins Eric Edwards Vol. 32 28-33
Eaters of Small Birds Mike McDermott Vol. 33 6-12
Good Accipitrine Behavior Michael McDermott Vol. 43 16-20
The Brood Al Ross Vol. 49 14-20

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