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Falconry Links


Texas Hawking Association
Arkansas Hawking Association
Georgia Falconry Association
Idaho Falconers Association
UAE Falconer
Ohio Falconry Assn
Great Lakes Falconers Association
Utah Sky Trials
Washington Falconer's Association
Ducks Unlimited
THE RAPTOR CENTER at University of Minnesota
Washington Falconers Association
Circolo Di Falconieri FALCUÇ
The Peregrine Fund
Archives of Falconry
The California Hawking Club's Falconry Homepage
Arizona Falconers' Association
Midwest Falconry Home Page
The British Campaign for Falconry
Puerto Rico's First Falconry Web Page
Falconry in South Africa
The Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center
Georgia Falconry
SA Falconer
North Carolina Falconers Guild
The International Centre for Birds of Prey
South East Falconry Group (British)
Wolds Austringer & Falconry Club
Hudson Valley Raptor Center
Middle East falcon research group
HALCON SUR Falconry and Rehab in Puerto Rico
British Hawking Association
Michigan Hawking Club
West Midlands falconry club
SOAR - Save Our American Raptors
Emirates Falconers’ Club


Marshall Radio Telemetry
Merlin Systems

Equipment and art:

Western Sporting
Rob Palmer Photography
Nick Dunlop Photography
Hap Hagood, Contemporary Wildlife Sculpture in Wood and Stone
David Martin- Falconry Art Gallery
L&W Block Perches
Stanislav's Falconry Supplies
Falcon Fabrication
Merlin Spirit falconry equipment
Westweald Falconry supplies
Tuscany Hoods - hand sewn Dutch hoods
Webster Hoods
Hun Country Hoods
M-J Hoods
Karen Rose falconry equipment
Janet Marshall's Art Gallery
Hawk House Art
Carl J. Bass Wildlife Artist
Gene Johnson Falconry Equipment
Hawk Box by Dan McCarron
Dragon Hoods
Pineo Falconry
Martin Jones Falcons and Falconry Furniture
Mikes Falconry Supplies
Raptor sculptures by Kurt Robinette
Alpha Falcon Blocks
Hawkhill Hoods
Falconry Equipment by William F. Snell
Northwoods Limited
Raptor Art by Pamela Cope Vesterby
PETMORE Quality Pet Products
Falconry Bells
Sculpture Gallery - wood carvings and bronzes by artist Bill Prickett
The Carver's Eyrie
Blue Falcon Inc. - Dutch falconry equipment
Raptor Ridge Falconry Art
Rush River Outfitters ~ Premium Field Gear & Gun Dog Supplies
Atelier Falconoid falconer and hood-maker in Japan
Wildfowl Sculptures
Mark Upton Artist & Falconer
Birds of prey Centre Merlyn - Falconry equipment - "This site is a little different from the norm."
Falcon Products USA
Peels Bells - Quality Bells for Birds
Frame Work Design Gallery - Falconry art and breeding project
The Turf Outlet - manufacturers and distributors for ASTROTURF BRAND synthetic turf
Falconry Collections
Ben Long Falconry
PK Falconry
Arabian Falconry
Foxfalconry equipment - hand made Dutch hoods & Anglo Indian hoods made to order for falcons and hawks from jack merlin up to largest gyr falcon.
Kim L Middleton Wildlife Artist

Books and magazines and videos:

Western Sporting
Desert Hawking
Falconry Books
Yarak Publishing
Books by Martin Hollinshead
Faraway Film Productions
Life on the Wing, Adventures with Birds of Prey - by David T. Moran
Bird Dog & Retriever News
The Falconer's Magazine
Independent Bird Register - falconry books on CD
The Complete Apprentice - video
Hancock House Publishers
Eagle Wing Publishing
Joe Atkinson's Eagle Journal

Hawk Food:

Vitahawk Raptor Supplements - Frozen Feeder Rodents
Big Cheese Rodent Factory
Mike Dupuy Hawk Food

Raptor Breeders:

Sage Country Falcons - Dan Konkel
A & M Falcons - from Austria
Centro Deiroleucus
Jessen Falcons - Denmark falcon breeder
Blue Falcon - gyrs, peregrines and gyr hybrids
Oberosterreichischer Jagdfalkenhof - Austrian falcon breeder
UK Falcons
Lechner-Falcons, gyrs in all colours, gyr/peregrines and Scottish peregrines
Gyrs by Sokoluk
Stanislav's falcons
Bishop Stone Falcons
Woodland Falcons - Danish breeder of Sakers and Barbary falcons
Vienna Falcons


American Falconry Bird Farm
North American Falconers Exchange-Falconry Forum
Highland Falconry centre
Tactical Avian Predators - falconry based pest control
Understanding-Goshawks - Darryl A. Perkins
B & S Hawk - School of Traditional Falconry
Cumbrian Falconry
Musado Wild Nature - Falconry in Azerbaijan
Desert Wings - Falconry and Bird of Prey Education
The Modern Apprentice
Quebec Traditional Falconry Centre
Hawking Diary Software
Ireland's School of Falconry at Ashford Castle
Birds of prey and Philately
Zoogen Services - specialize in DNA-based sexing
The Hawking Centre
Nad Al Shiba Avian Reproduction Research Centre
Roger Crandall's Falconry Homepage
BaywingDB - a pedigree and hunting performance database for Harris' hawks
Roy's Falconry Page
Charlie Kaiser's Raptor Gallery
Jim Poff's Falconry Page
Brian's Mews for Mutes Falconry Page
Frank Etchells Homepage
Rusty's Falconry Site
Borch's Falconry
The Falconry Information Homepage
The Raptor's Nest
Falconry Information Clearinghouse
Raptor Repertoire
Huisheng Chen's Homepage
Falconry in Kazakhstan
Ye Old Surrey Hawkers UK
Waynes Falconry Home Page
Skip's Falconry and Game Hawking
Mikes falconry video clips
Hawk's Roost
K.C. Safaris
Steven Jaremkos Hawking Page
Online Falconry - dedicated to providing information, articles, and video clips of falconry to those practicing the sport
Hunting Links
Dissipation of Hawking
Kodak's Birdcam 2002
Falconry With Kestrel-Falcon Forum
Lost Falcon - The Lost falcon center is a voluntary quick response team for falconers that have lost their bird of prey, with active searchers using sight or telemetry to locate your lost bird.
Birdguy's Falconry Page
The Falconry Directory
Sky Guard Falconry
Falconers Yellow Pages
West Coast Falconry Academy

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